Paper Bag Business Scope and Oppertunities in India


In this time, paper bags have become style statement for the people of India and abroad. The demand of eco-friendly paper bag is rising at exponential rate throughout the county and it will continue to rise in coming years. Tier-1 cities of India such as Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. have already banned the use of plastic bags. In coming years, they are going to extend the boundaries and will impose ban of all cities of India. With these entire current scenarios, these aspects clearly envisage scope and opportunity in this business. Apart from all this, paper carry bags are cheap and it plays important role in clean environment and it is easily recyclable as compared to hazardous plastic carry bags. This is very great opportunity to earn profit from this business and save the environment at the same time.


In this section, you will get an idea on how to start paper bag manufacturing unit. We will discuss various points in this section such as location selection, raw materials and machines required for manufacturing, etc.


The main advantage of bag master methodology of paper bag manufacturing is that location is not a deterrent factor to establish this specific industry; we have modeled different methods which will customise the operational patent according to the geographical location. The inherent nature bag master methodology is that a kitchen space is enough to install a lucrative money making industry.


Bag master is specialised in modular machines which can be placed in less than 150 Sqft. one unit consist of paper cutting machine (Two types), paper creasing machine (Two measurements), eyeleting machine (two types), screen printing machine (Two types) these machines eases the work and fastens the manufacturing process at the least capital intensive method available in the market nationally and inter nationally.

The peculiarity of bag master machines and process of paper bag manufacturing?

Bag master technique of paper bag manufacturing is the lowest capital intensive method available in the market in comparison with the count of production.

Which and all machines are necessary to start a paper bag manufacturing unit?

There are machines of different dimensions and specifications such as bag master nano ( 24 inch creasing machine) bag master  ( 42 inch creasing machine) single eye let machine , double eye let machine, screen printing, semi-automatic and automatic paper cutting machine etc.. A unit which consist of 4 persons can have different combinations of these machines according to their requirement and ease of manufacturing.

Do we teach screen printing?

The screen printing which we teach is specifically designed for paper bag making industry.

How much a unit cost?

The cost of a unit is completely depended on the machines the customer choose, the cost will vary.

How a unit can procure raw materials?

We supply all types of raw materials needed for paper bag industry and also we have a facility to customise your raw material especially cut to length of paper necessary for paper bag manufacturing.

Does the machine have service facility and warranty?

6 months warranty. After service charges applicable.

How much a unit can earn per month based on the production capacity?

One day one shift 8 hours makes1000 bags the worker count of each unit should not be less than 4 people.

Minimum Persons required starting a unit?

Minimum count of workers per unit is four.

How much minimum working capital is needed to start a unit?

1 lakh

Is there a product buy back arrangement for bag master?

We do buy back but conditions apply.

What and all sizes of bags can be manufactured?

All most all paper bags across all walks of society. (Mobile shops, optical, ladies shop, restaurant, bakery, textiles etc.

What will be the cost of bags and what are the parameters which differentiate price factor?

5 rupees to 25 rupees.

When is the expected ROI?

If 1000 bags are made net profit will be two thousand rupees per day.

What are the technical parameters of paper bag?

Paper selection, weight carrying capacity, cutting of the paper without wastage.

How much weight a paper bag can carry?

200 grams to 10 kg

How much time is needed for delivering paper bag orders?

Delivery is based on the distance which the product has to be delivered and the quantity.

What sorts of trainings are provided by bag master?

We provide bag master certified paper bag making training and in addition to that we are on the pipe line to provide NSDC certified training for paper bag entrepreneur and paper bag technician.

How many units have already been supplied by bag master till now?

We have provided more than 2500 machines in India and about 650 abroad.

How can the payments for the purchased paper bags made?

For all orders which are customised full quoted price has to be remitted and for all other non-customised orders 50 % of the quoted price has to be paid in advance and balance on delivery

What are the payment terms?

Through bank.

Raw materials

What are raw materials required?


Different quality of papers according to the weight bearing.


Cost effective Syntactic gum with quality.


Cotton, Jute, Paper Handle, tipping rope.


Aluminium eyelet, different dia

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